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The best solution for you to learn SPANISH.

The Amigo course is a modern and different system to learn how to speak SPANISH.

AMIGO Spanish Course was created by an international team of eminent linguists. This course requires no previous knowledge or experience of the Spanish language, and yet it will enable the student to understand and speak Spanish within 4 to 6 months. This complete Spanish Course has been prepared for people like you, who wish to learn Spanish in the comfort of their home, when and where it seems convenient, without having to go to school.

Benefits of Amigo Spanish Course

► We have a terrific course from a qualified Spanish-Speaking teacher.

► From the first LESSON you will will find Conversational Dialogues which is a good practice tool.

► You will learn to read Spanish, write Spanish and speak Spanish quickly!

► Support online or by phone FREE.

► This System is based in the written pronunciation of the English Language providing you with the incredible possibility to read in English and pronounce in Spanish.

► You’re not just going to learn to speak Spanish. If you want to learn more grammar or vocabulary its included in our course.

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